Kem ley critic of cambodian government shot dead in shop

Kem ley critic of cambodian government shot dead in shop

It is believed to be th더킹카지노e first time anyone from Camero바카라on has been killed by a foreign country since 1999 when a Chinese national, Wenying Xingfeng, was killed for trying to steal military vehicles in China.

The incident took place on Thursday as the family of Kem Kem Ley, who was shot dead in his shop after the Chinese embassy opened a complaint, was waiting for his funeral service at the Central Railway Station.

Ley, 58, was a prominent critic of the government of President Paul Biya who is due to stand trial for graft charges in April.

His wife, Emile, who is also known as Toni, was shot dead in 2006 by her father after she was called to answer a complaint by the Chinese embassy.

Emile Ley had previously told her son he wished to be executed but could never do it. His body was not returned for burial.

Toni Ley said: ‘The family is in mourning and there is no word on his funeral. My son, who has been under police protection and has family i바카라사이트n Cameroon, is an important personality in Cameroon.

‘I can only hope he’ll meet the president one day and he’ll be with us here to greet his friends when he comes back. I’ve never seen so many of them here.’

The body of an opposition politician was found in the body of a man suspected of helping him flee to China

The body of the Chinese national found at his local shop was found by a witness.

A police source said the man suspected of being part of a group of armed robbers who killed the Ley family would be questioned at a later date but it was not known where he was or what happened to him.

Local law enforcement sources said Ley fled to China on July 2 and that he had fled to an apartment complex and lived there until late that month when he was gunned down in his shop.

On July 26 a taxi driver was gunned down in the city of Paigy in the central Gangu region on his way to work.

In May the leader of the right-wing Central Democratic Party (MDP) party, Touto Okada, was found dead in his home in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde.

It is believed to be the first time anyone has been killed in Cameroon since 1999, when a Chinese national was killed for trying to steal military vehicles in China

Cameroon police sources told Mai

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